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Proud Boys Leader Enrique Tarrio Says DOJ Told Him to Lie To FRAME Trump - MORE LAWFARE

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"I could have been home a long time ago...and all I had to do in order to do that WAS LIE ABOUT TRUMP. All I had to do was confirm a lie," Tarrio claims.

Proud Boys leader Enrique Tarrio, who was recently sentenced to 22 years in prison for his involvement in January 6, has come forward with bombshell allegations that the Justice Department pressured him to falsely tie former President Donald Trump to Jan. 6 in exchange for a plea bargain.

“They asked me to LIE about President Trump in order to indict him,” Enrique Tarrio said on Saturday. “I told them to pound sand, and because I refused to lie about President Trump it cost me twenty-two years of my life.”

“The truth is, I could have been home,” said Tarrio. “I could have been home a long time ago. I could be in my warm ass bed right now, laughing at the world, without a problem…and all I had to do in order to do that WAS LIE ABOUT TRUMP. All I had to do was confirm a lie.”

Tarrio claimed the DOJ attempted to coerce him into signing a false statement that would implicate Trump by swearing that “through several degrees of separation and connections, Tarrio had communicated with Trump regarding ‘plans’ for January 6th.”

Enrique Tarrio repeated his accusations against the Biden regime On a “Twitter Space” on X on Friday night, where he even disclosed two names of Biden officials involved in the coercion.

Those two names are DOJ Lead Prosecutor Jocelyn Ballantine and Assistant US Attorney Jason McCullough, both of whom were involved in the RussiaGate conspiracy against Trump to some degree.

Jocelyn Ballantine was a DOJ attorney staffed on General Michael Flynn’s prosecution. The DOJ admitted to altering evidence in Flynn’s case and the government eventually dropped the case against General Flynn.

Ballantine was caught lying during a DOJ investigation of Strzok and McCabe. She still holds a job as a top official in Merrick Garland’s DOJ.

Attorney Jason McCullough recently urged jurors to convict the Proud Boys of seditious conspiracy.

Notably, Tarrio was not even present for the events at the Capitol on January 6 because he was arrested and detained two days prior.

But District Judge Tim Kelly asserted Tarrio, as leader of the Proud Boys, was responsible for the conduct of other Proud Boys members who were at the Capitol.

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