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Proud Boys Attorney: Evidence Confirms J6 Was An Organized Government Plot

The Daily Knight

Original article at The Gateway Pundit.

Defense attorney Roger Roots, representing J6 political prisoner Dominic Pezzolla, was on “pins and needles” during a call with The Gateway Pundit Thursday morning as jurors reached a partial verdict on the Proud Boys seditious conspiracy trial.

Suspense suddenly morphed into shock, heartbreak and despair. An hour later, a full verdict was deliberated convicting Enrique Tarrio, Joseph Biggs, Zachary Rehl and Ethan Nordean on three counts of conspiracy and every other felony leveled against them by the Department of Justice.

“I mean look at Tarrio — Tarrio was not even in DC! Look at Pezolla, he had only been a Proud Boy for 30 days,” Roots lamented. “They convicted everyone on the breaking of the fence, including Tarrio — are you kidding me breaking the fence from 50 miles away?”

“I can’t believe it. We fought for four months. We lived it 24/7. We are all, everyone, is depressed.”

Initially after closing arguments, the defendants were hopeful at least one of the Joe Biden-supporting jurors would rationally conclude the government’s narrative surrounding their alleged ploy to “violently overthrow the federal government” is an elaborate fabrication and hoax.

But with a jury comprised of ardent left-wing activists, a judge that incessantly demonstrated partiality to the government, fear of government intimidation and the weight of the DOJ’s unlimited resources combined with the corporate press running an all-encompassing hit job on the “white supremacist” Proud Boys for years on end, the case was doomed from the start.

Presiding Judge Timothy J. Kelly, a Trump-appointed magistrate whose wife works for Democrat DC Mayor Muriel Bowser, modified the definition of “seditious conspiracy” from how the crime was previously used in the Oath Keepers, lowering the standard as to what misconduct qualifies as sedition.

“My understanding is that what now amounts to seditious conspiracy is so relaxed. They are charged with three conspiracies,” Roots explained. “Count one is a seditious conspiracy; count two is a seditious conspiracy to obstruct an official proceeding; count three is obstructing an official proceeding without a conspiracy. Count four is conspiracy to commit civil disorder.