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Pope Francis: Vatican II was a ‘renewal’ that brought the Church ‘in tune with the times’

David Martin | The Daily Knight

In a recently published interview with the Catholic Belgian weekly “Tertio,” Pope Francis said that Vatican II was a “renewal of the Church” that brought it “more in tune with the signs of the times.”

His words truly testify to the darkness of spirit that presently enshrouds the holy city of Rome. A true renewal will always deliver the Church from the times and bring it back to God who is timeless and “with whom there is no change, nor shadow of alteration” (James 1: 17), whereas Vatican II served precisely to flow with the times and lead the faithful away from God through a fake-renewal modeled after that of Martin Luther – a condemned heretic whom Francis praises.

Francis opened by saying that Vatican II “was actually a visit of God to His Church,” adding that, “The Council was one of those things that God brings about in history through holy men.”

So the modernists and leftist-radicals that directed the course of Vatican II were “holy men?” Was the notorious pedophile and heretic Cardinal Suenens who oversaw much of Vatican II a holy man? And what about the ex-priest Gregory Baum who authored the erroneous Nostra Aetate for the Second Vatican Council and who openly boasted of his active homosexual life from 1964-2017, was he a holy man too?

Francis spoke of the need of “updating” the Church and referenced Vatican II as a “rejuvenation” of the Church that “opened the door to greater maturity, more in tune with the signs of the times.”

So the Church of old was ‘immature’ and has finally ‘grown up’ by joining the world powers that have set the times? Does departing from God and building toward a new church of man make Catholics mature? What ever happened to “unless you be converted, and become as little children, you shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven?” (Matthew 18:3)

True Renewal

A true renewal or rejuvenation of the Church is to put away the golden calf of change and return to God with the simplicity of a child. This among other things would mean a universal return to the Traditional Latin Mass.

Unfortunately, Francis is making ready to implement his final blow to the Latin Mass this spring by forbidding the world’s bishops from authorizing it in their dioceses. It was the Council of Vatican II (1962-1965) that drafted the blueprint for the New Mass that universally replaced the old Mass in 1969.

Francis Reposing Great Hope in Synod on Synodality

According to Pope Francis, the present Synod on Synodality will now serve to fully implement the designs of Vatican II. “We come from afar, now we are here and we have to move forward. This is what we do through the current Synod process, and the two synods on synodality [the present synod and the 2019 Amazonian Synod] will help us clarify the meaning and method of decision-making in the Church.”

Note how Francis here denies divinely instituted absolutes. The Church is a Divine Monarchy wherein Christ the King has already decided what we are to believe, leaving no room for doctrinal or liturgical decision-making. The architects of Vatican II set in motion a plan to discard Apostolic Tradition and press toward a new synodal church of man where a clique of clerical tyrants decide what the Church is going to believe and practice.

This Bergoglian clique is now making ready to end Catholicism altogether—a plan that was set in motion sixty years ago at Vatican II. In a follow-up article we will discuss in more detail the particulars of this Vatican II revolution.

“If a future pope teaches anything contrary to the Catholic Faith, do not follow him.”

— Pope Blessed Pius IX

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