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Pope Francis to Consecrate Russia

David Martin

On Tuesday, March 15, The Vatican News Service announced the following.

“Pope Francis will consecrate Russia and Ukraine to the Immaculate Heart of Mary on Friday, 25 March, during the Celebration of Penance that he will preside over at 5:00 pm in St Peter's Basilica. The same act, on the same day, will be performed in Fatima by Cardinal Konrad Krajewski, papal almoner, as envoy of the Holy Father.”

Elating and tempting as this may seem, we need to watch this carefully and not forget how the pseudo-release of the Third Secret in June 2000 did more damage than good. The last thing we need is a fake-consecration where the pope calls upon Blessed Mary to ‘tie the knot’ in order to complete ecumenical ties between Moscow and Rome.

Because if the consecration turns out to be an ecumenical knot-tying ceremony aimed at strengthening the infamous 1962 Moscow-Vatican Agreement, God’s patience will be exhausted. A pseudo-consecration would only hasten ‘the annihilation of nations’ prophesied by Our Lady at Fatima.

The Consecration is about Converting Russia

The Consecration must be done with the intention of converting Russia to Catholicism so that Russia becomes a Catholic country under the jurisdiction of Rome. It’s all about delivering Russia from Communism and making it Catholic.

This immediately raises concerns since Francis has repeatedly expressed his heterodox idea that Catholics must never try to convert other religions or groups but should become one with them and adopt their ideas. He has said over and over, “do not proselytize,” “do not try to convert Muslims,” etc., so if he doesn’t believe in converting others why would we think he is now intending to convert Russia?

And why hasn’t Francis asked the bishops to join him? The Consecration must be a public ceremony where the pope and bishops together entrust Russia into the hands of the Mother of God so that Russia can be converted to a peaceful country that no longer poses a threat to the nations and to its own people.

As it stands, Russia is the global demon that is presently generating the rising tide of evil throughout the world, i.e. the race-riots, the draconian lockdowns, the invasion of the Ukraine. Russia needs to be exorcised as it were. The pope and bishops must publicly ‘lay hands’ on the beast and cast out the demon of Communism, which can only be done through the collegial Consecration of Russia.

Participation of World’s Bishops Needed to Make Consecration Valid

Unfortunately, the Vatican announcement makes no mention of plans for the pope to include the world’s bishops in consecrating Russia but simply says that he plans to do it in union with the bishop of Fatima. Should this in fact be the plan and he and the Fatima bishop do the Consecration alone it would render it invalid and ineffective.

In order for the Consecration of Russia to be valid it must be done with all the bishops of the world in accord with the Virgin Mary’s request at Fatima. On June 13, 1929, while Sr. Lucy was at prayer in the convent chapel at Tuy, Spain, Our Lady appeared to her and said:

"The moment has come in which God asks the Holy Father, in union with all the bishops of the world, to make the consecration of Russia, promising to save it by this means.”

Pope Pius XII consecrated Russia to Mary in 1942 but it did no good because he did it by himself with no bishops assisting. The Soviet threat only continued to strengthen from that point. The Consecration must be collegial, i.e. "in union with all the bishops of the world," so if Francis truly believes in being “inclusive” he must include all the bishops in the Consecration ceremony.

For the Consecration is a divine command that must be carried out exactly as prescribed by Our Lady of Fatima otherwise it will be ineffective in holding back the onslaught of Communist tyranny that is fast approaching humanity. It is only when the Consecration done properly and collegially that it will be able to neutralize this diabolical force of Communist Russia that is threatening the nations.

Implore Bishops to Join Francis in Consecrating Russia

With Russia’s aggression rapidly escalating let us 1 implore the Catholic bishops to join the pope in consecrating Russia on March 25 so that Russia can be converted and thus open the way to an Era of Peace and not the Third World War.

1. Let us also pray that Pope Benedict will join Francis in doing the Consecration to ensure it be pontifically executed.



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