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‘My Fellow Americans, This Is Civil War’: Patriot Jon Voight Warns Indictments Tearing Country Apart

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Image Credit: Win McNamee/Getty Images / Joe Raedle/Getty Images

'The Biden Administration is a corrupt mob and the Obama Administration fuels the cycle,' says conservative thespian.

Actor Jon Voight delivered an impassioned plea this week calling on Americans to stand behind Trump as the Biden administration leads a corrupt witch hunt against the former President.

“What are we to do? What have we become, but a nation of destructive behavior?” Voight began his soliloquy.

“This is now a war,” he continued. “A war against all of us.”

“The Biden Administration is a corrupt mob and the Obama Administration fuels the cycle,” the conservative thespian added, suggesting Obama covertly runs the White house via a shadow government.

“Let me warn you all that this corrupt behavior against President Trump is the most disgusting scheme to try and keep him down, and this is a horror,” Voight said, hinting the indictments against the former president are meant to damper his presidential prospects.

The legendary Hollywood actor went on to point out the new lawless Democrat “system allows criminals to steal from department stores, and all they say is to watch and not do anything.”

“To sit in allow these, these monsters to destroy hard-working designers and retailers, my God.”

“My fellow Americans, this is a civil war and this is the time we must stand for truths. If we don’t see this you, your children, grandchildren, sisters, brothers will all pay the price for this, this default,” the Academy Award-winning actor said.

Voight went on to call on Americans to let God’s grace guide their convictions and see through the Biden administration’s lies to the truth that Trump “is a man who wants to save America, the dream, the freedom.”

“My God, let us not beg,” he added.

“Let us not allow the manipulation of this government to destroy this land, our purpose, our love, our light. Allow the truth to remind us all that we are a nation that has been free, and now our freedom is being taken away with lies and greed. Stand up now for the only truths that can save us, and let us remember Lincoln’s sacrifice. Much love to you.”

Voight’s latest message comes as President Trump responding to his fourth unprecedented indictment recently had his mugshot taken in Fulton County, Georgia, the same county that arrested civil rights icon Martin Luther King, Jr., in the 1960s.

In Christ Crucified and the Most Victorious Heart of Jesus.

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