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Modernist Innovation has led to Apostasy

David Martin | The Daily Knight

Contemporary Youth Mass in Catholic Church

Perhaps the greatest tragedy of our time is that the members of the Catholic Church have lost confidence in the rule of tradition that Christ left us where they feel they must stretch forth their hands to strange spirits and new ideologies that their forefathers knew not. We today are witnessing the great apostasy prophesied by St. Paul when he said, “There shall be a time, when they will not endure sound doctrine; but, according to their own desires, they will heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears.” (2 Timothy 4:3) The Apostle warned “that in the last days, shall come dangerous times” (2 Tim. 3:1), and those days indeed have arrived.

Launched at Vatican II

The present order of apostasy had its launch at Vatican II through the power of Satan who infiltrated the Council, which is the gist of the Third Secret of Fatima. The Secret is that Satan himself would capture and possess cardinals at the highest levels of the Church and use them to misguide the Church but in such a way that this would be done under the illusion of divine guidance. What they would call the ‘Holy Spirit’ would in reality be the devil luring the Church to its own destruction. The dark forces would guide the so-called reform that Vatican II would set in motiona reform that would eventually align Rome with an internationalist network of U.N. abortion advocates in their plan to abolish the Faith and build toward a borderless one-world government, i.e. the New World Order.

This knowledge of Satan’s railroading of Vatican II is essential in understanding what must be done to make the Church a soul-saving institution again because at present the Church is not saving but misguiding souls because it has all but abandoned its ancient soul-saving formula and adopted humanism and modernism as its approach. The hierarchy has yet to come to grips with the fact that their new modernist innovations have been given to them by Satan.

An Insidious Plan to Discredit God

Through fallen bishops at Vatican II, Satan sowed the idea that the Church needed to change its approach to ‘better meet the needs of the modern world,’ as if these needs weren’t already being met. What the devil was doing was launching an insidious attack on God by discrediting him before his people so that they would doubt tradition and repose more confidence in the ways of change the ways of Satan!

Simple faith and reason will tell us that God does not change as neither do his precepts. (James 1:17) His teachings and ways are set in stone do not change, but it is man that must change to please God. The need to change the Church at Vatican II was grounded in a rebellious dissatisfaction with God that Satan sowed among the hierarchy.

The Evil Fruits of Change

The changes that have been implemented since the Council have 1 not produced one conversion to the Faith so why dignify them? What these pseudo-reforms have produced is conversion to modernism, not to the Ancient of Days and His Crucified Son. Since the Council the Church has been evolving more and more away from God and uniting more with the world to the end that the “pope” is now bowing to pagan earth-gods and telling the church that it should cease from any effort to convert indigenous peoples. While the necessary change from paganism to holiness is being discouraged the holy procedures of God are being changed unto the subverting of souls as they run about making the Church a shambles of heresy. The various youth and lay “ministries” have led to involvement with aberrations like the Charismatic Movement, inter-faith worship, contemporary “guitar Mass,” pop-culture, Eucharistic ministers, LGBT, etc., the worst of it being that these abominations are being advanced in the name of Catholic worship. “Woe to the world because of scandals.” (Mt. 18:7)

The Simple Ways of God are For All

What all this busy-body activity has done is to instill in souls a sense of mockery for the simple ways of God. All this sham religious activity is but a vice filling a void. The way of God is to simply say the Rosary and frequent the Sacraments. Nothing more is needed.

It’s like the Rosary. No one is above or beyond it but it’s the perfect remedy for everyone. Whether you’re a scientist, a pope, a bishop, a business man, a homeless person, or a seven year-old child, the Rosary makes itself equally accessible to all.

This likewise is true of the Church. Its ancient liturgy (Latin Mass) along with its dogmas, disciplines, and its ancient Gregorian music is for all people without exception. We all get the same pill, which alone can heal us and make us the happy, liberated, God-loving people we are called to be.

Tradition Works for Sinners

Naturally, a person who is infirm or who is a new-born in Christ shouldn’t be given a high quantity of spiritual nourishment all at once since this can cause some ‘spiritual indigestion,’ but quality must not be compromised. The mgs can be reduced but it must come from the same bottle, because infirm souls need the pure waters of tradition to be nourished to spiritual health. They above all need that “rational milk without guile” (1 Peter 2:2), i.e. without deception, without sales-tricks, without the poison of humanism and modernism, without diluting it, without enculturing it, and without tainting it with elements of pop-culture that warp our conception of Christ. Weak and wayward souls need the old-fashion Catholicism that nourished the church for 2000 years. Tradition works!

Humility Needed

The Church has a confession to make to God before it can be renewed to holiness. The hierarchy must confess that the needs of the modern world were already fulfilled by the Church before Vatican II and that the modern changes since the Council are what have deprived our world in need. Abandoning tradition has been our ruin and until we acknowledge this and we renounce our golden calf of Vatican II we will continue to see more clerical abuse, more LGBT, more divorce, abortion, occult practice, and heresy more apostasy.

What is needed today is a renewed regard for sacred tradition. St. Paul tells us, “Prove all things; hold fast that which is good” (1 Thess. 5:1), so the Church should “hold fast” to what has stood the test of time.

This would especially apply to the liturgy. The Traditional Latin Mass was the perfect formula for the Church of the past so we should learn a lesson from the past and return to what worked. Pope Benedict XVI expressed this beautifully in his July 2007 Motu Proprio on the Latin Mass when he said:

“What earlier generations held as sacred, remains sacred and great for us as well.” (Summorum Pontificum)


1. There in fact have been many conversions since Vatican II but these conversions have been entirely due to the tradition-minded teachers and priests still left in the Church and not to any modern changes.

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