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IDF Veteran Goes Thermonuclear on Netanyahu, Reveals Hamas Attack Was ‘Inside Job’

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The Hamas attack on Israel was an “inside job” carried out with the full knowledge and support of the Israeli government, according to an Israeli Defense Force veteran who served on the Gaza border.

“We are all trying to make sense of what happened on October 7, when we all know Gazans came in and basically slaughtered a thousand Israelis and kidnapped a bunch, all in about 7 hours,” said the veteran, before unleashing an astonishing torrent of truth that leaves the official narrative in tatters.

“So I want to reverse engineer this a little bit to help you understand why I believe this was an inside job.” Watch:

“First of all, we will start with September 1st. The Israeli government confiscated the weapons of the security teams in the Gaza belt communities. This was done against the will of those security teams. Why this happened, nobody knows.

“Fast forward to September 10th, the municipalities received reports, these are civilians, they received reports of increased tensions on the Gaza border on Jewish holidays. These span from Yom Kippur to Shemini Atzeret, which was on Saturday.

“Those same heads of municipalities if they should cancel their festivities in light of the warnings of increased tensions on the border with Gaza. The army said no, don’t cancel anything, it appears we are heading into a period of calm.

“Now, you can assume that the Shin Bet (Israeli Security Agency) did not know about this attack. But that is highly improbable. The state of Israel is probably the most advanced surveillance state in the world. The Gaza border is probably the most heavily surveilled. The Shin Bet, who somehow knew about a guy who had corona in a toy store and tracked him all the way to a soccer stadium during the days of corona, somehow didn’t know about this massive attack planned by thousands of Gazans on pick up trucks and hang gliders.

“Do you really believe that? Are you really that stupid? If you do, I have a bridge to sell you.

“Do you know how long it takes an attack helicopter to get activated and blow up any of those pick up trucks or hang gliders that invaded Israel? Less than 5 minutes. It all could have been over. It could have been a matter of 5 minutes. Instead they had 7 hours to kill thousands and bring back hostages alive, unopposed.

“This is not a breach. That is an inside job.

“And if it is not an inside job, well then that is even worse. Because that means that the IDF is the most incompetent military that ever walked the face of the earth. And now we are supposed to trust these people to invade Gaza. Under the command of a military that a) didn’t see this coming and b) was too incompetent to react to a bunch of pick up trucks invading Israel.

“You tell me which one is worse. That it was an inside job? Or that it was incompetent?

“And oh, by the way, now that America is coming with aid, do you really think Israel needs American aid to invade Gaza? Gaza? Their air force is hang gliders, their ground troops are pick up trucks. They don’t even have a tank. And Israel needs American aid to fight them. Are you serious? You don’t think there is anything fishy going on here?”

In Christ Crucified and the Most Victorious Heart of Jesus.

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