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Hungary Blocked New Round of EU Financing to Kiev – PM Orbán Says ‘Only Trump Can Save the West'

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Hungary Calls for Security Guarantees to Russia and No NATO Membership for Ukraine

Hungary continues to shock the western powers (and delight the free-thinking people of this Earth) with its no-nonsense approach to the war in Ukraine.

After blocking the new round of financial help to Ukraine, the conservative administration of the Eastern Europe country dared to say the obvious – but forbidden – truth.

TASS reported:

“The Hungarian government believes that, in order to settle the Ukrainian conflict, Western states must provide security guarantees to Russia and must not accept Ukraine in NATO, Hungarian Minister of the Prime Minister’s Office Gergely Gulyas said, speaking before students in the Fejer County Saturday.

‘The Western world, which supports Ukraine, must provide security guarantees to Russia, but under no circumstances give Ukraine NATO membership’, he said, according to MTI.

He also reaffirmed the position of the Hungarian government that peace negotiations may be effective only if the US will take part in it, together with Russian and Ukraine.”

The Minister also said that Ukraine has ‘no real chance’ to take back territories that are currently part of Russia.

“Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán expressed a similar opinion to US journalist Tucker Carlson. He is certain that Western states should forget about Ukraine’s integration in NATO and negotiate a new architecture of international security with Russia. As for talks about return of Crimea, in particular, to Ukraine, Orbán considers them futile, because, in his opinion, ‘it is totally impossible’..”

In his recent interview with Tucker Carlson on X, Orbán commented the war of attrition waged by Russia, and said that the Ukrainian armed forces would run out of resources before Moscow does.

He also stressed the obvious fact that the Ukrainian armed forces would have no chance of victory without Western support.

Orbán also demonstrated a clear geopolitical understanding as he called for the return of Donald Trump to ‘save the western world’.

You may or may not like @realDonaldTrump , but his foreign policy was good for the US and good for the world. He didn’t start a war, he strengthened NATO and brought peace to the Middle East. Bring him back, so he can bring us peace! — Orbán Viktor (@PM_ViktorOrbán) August 31, 2023

Orbán has been calling for the US president (or the head of NATO) to make a peace agreement with Russia as soon as possible. He thinks that Washington is capable of restoring peace in the near future, if it ever finds the will to do so.

Meanwhile, Hungary has demanded that Ukraine account for how it spent the 50 to 70 billion Euros sent by the EU.

Slavyangrad reported:

“Minister of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Economic Relations of Hungary Peter Szijjarto on his page on the social network demanded that Ukraine report on what the funds allocated to it were spent on.

Hungary refuses to talk about allocating new funds to Ukraine until it provides a report on spending.

In addition, the minister noted that the largest Hungarian bank OTP is on the Ukrainian list of ‘international war sponsors’.”

Due to Hungary’s veto, the EU was unable to release the next tranche of military assistance to Ukraine from the European ‘Peace’ Fund.

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