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God is Just - You Get What You Deserve

Edward Grant | The Daily Knight


“I’ll tell you what you get, you get what you ******* deserve” - Arthur Fleck, Joker (2019)

It is the message of the old testament, and the new arguably, that we get the leaders we deserve. When Israel worshipped God they were delivered from their oppression by a great leader sent by God, when they blasphemed and slipped away from the path they were delivered unto Babylon and the Philistines. In the New Testament, the jews had the choice between Barrabus, a political revolutionary and a thug, or Jesus Christ, the sinless redeemer, they chose the latter and as a result they rebelled against the Romans and Jewish society was destroyed forever. The Byzantine empire broke away from the unity of the Roman Catholic church, thinking their massive empire was all they needed and that they could run their own church, and soon after Constantinople was sacked by the fourth crusade, and the Byzantine empire entered a decline in power which it would not recover from.

In our secular liberal democracies today we think that the people choose their leaders, and by influencing political processes we can alter who those leaders are. This is incorrect. Our leaders are allowed to ascend to power by God, and they are allowed to do so because they are exactly what we deserve, either as encouragement for doing something right or to warn us away from the path we are currently on. When President Joe Biden stole the election many conservatives were up in arms at the blatant theft of the presidency of the United States. While this is a very understandable position to take given the circumstance of an illegitimate usurper ascending to power instead of a great man and patriot like Donald Trump, what we should have asked ourselves is why God chose to leave us to the wolves now. What great sins have we committed that Dr. Rachel Levine, a transgender, is now going to be dictating to us what health is? How depraved and lost were we that the vice President is a woman, who slept her way into politics. Look around the country and what do you see? The places which are more spiritually lost have worse leaders. How could this be??? What a crazy coincidence, almost like these are directly correlated phenomena…

This is a hard pill to swallow but we must individually take on the burdens of this country and take accountability for our own sins and complicity in the evil that is the United States of America if anything is to ever improve. Have faith that God will deliver his people and ensure their spiritual survival, for this world is merely temporary, but we are not entitled to comfort in this life especially when we partake in the worldliness and decadence we were not made for. We are experiencing right now the most decadent and wicked society (and world) that has existed possibly ever. Crimes which would have been unthinkable in Sodom and Gomorrah such as drag queen story hour and transgender hormones for eight year olds are paraded around as virtuous and endorsed by our current president on national television. Is it any surprise that a society this rotten in its fruits has rotten bark and rotten roots and rotten soil?

The path out of this is not the right president or the right bill passed or the right legal theory, but for the people of this country on a personal level to repent and proclaim Jesus Christ as king in our hearts and king of this land.

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