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  • Justin Haggerty | The Daily Knight

Get the HELL out of California! Democrats Release 7,000 Pedophiles from Prison

Justin Haggerty | The Daily Knight

Pro-Pedophilia Poster in Oregon

Earlier this afternoon, The Gateway Pundit reported that, "thousands of pedophiles are being released from California prisons in less than one year thanks to Democrat policies."

Specifically, "more than 7,000 of the convicted child abusers being released from prison were found guilty of ‘lewd and lascivious acts with a child under 14 years of age.’ Some of the pedophiles committed horrific acts such as sodomy and rape."

Pedo Photoshoot by Balenciaga

"The pedophiles were released from prison after serving only a few months behind bars," while a prison population of over 100,000 remain incarcerated.

This report and decision by the California government to allow the early release of convicted pedophiles is far from coincidental after the recent #BalenciagaGate pedophilia photoshoot and the Washington Post and New York Time's review that a Broadway play about pedophile ex-cons was "brilliant!"

"Former Deputy DA Jon Hatami told The Daily Mail that the pedophiles are being released from prison after less than a year because of Proposition 57, a 2016 bill allowing early parole of non-violent felons," since child molestation and pedophilia is not viewed as "violent" in California.

"Far-left Los Angeles District Attorney George Gascon," who received $2.5 milllion from socialist George Soros in 2020, "is a huge supporter of Proposition 57."

The Daily Mail reported, "Pedophiles are getting less than a year prison time after a range of horrific acts, including raping kids under 14, a investigation reveals.

Analysis of a California database of sex offenders shows thousands of child molesters are being let out after just a few months, despite sentencing guidelines.

Current and former sex crime prosecutors said the figures are ‘terrifying’ and ‘shameful’.

More than 7,000 sex offenders were convicted of ‘lewd or lascivious acts with a child under 14 years of age’ but were let out of prison the same year they were incarcerated, data from the California Megan’s Law database says.

Others who committed some of the worst child sex crimes on the statute books served similarly short sentences, including 365 pedophiles convicted of continuous sexual abuse of a child who spent less than 12 months in prison, 39 cases of sodomy with a child under 16, and three cases of kidnapping a child under 14 ‘with intent to commit lewd or lascivious acts’, according to the data.

Former Los Angeles sex crimes prosecutor Samuel Dordulian told he was ‘shocked’ by the statistics and described them as ‘frightening for society’.

‘Statistics clearly show that pedophiles don’t get reformed. They’re going to come out and they’re going to commit again,’ Dordulian said.

‘Letting these people out early, we’re allowing for a lot more victimization. And that’s terrifying.’"

From the pedophile rings that run the $150 billion per year international-sex trafficking empire, manage secret groups in finance like Epstein, participate in Satanic-masonic rituals and sacrifices, run the White House and other governments, and manipulate the Church, President Donald J. Trump has put them on notice that he intends to invoke the death penalty for all convicted pedophiles.

The President has said multiple times during his Save America rallies and during his announcement for 2024. No other political or world leader has exemplified the courage to counter this growing evil empire.

In Christ Crucified and the Most Victorious Heart of Jesus.



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