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Francis Mandates COVID "Green Pass" to Enter Vatican

David Martin | The Daily Knight

The Vatican has announced that as of October 1, 2021, a “green pass” or proof of COVID vaccination will be required to enter the Vatican.

Under the direction of Pope Francis, the ordinance was issued by the President of the Pontifical Commission for Vatican City State, Card. Giuseppe Bertello, and stipulates that as of October 1, entry into the Vatican is permitted only to persons holding the Vatican or European "green pass" or foreign certification proving vaccination, recovery or a negative COVID test result. The ordinance states that this measure applies to all visitors as well as citizens, residents and workers “regardless of their title.”

This only lends credence to allegations that Francis was not legitimately elected. Rules were broken in the 2013 conclave as globalists were looking for a "green pope" who would help them usher in the New World Order. Benedict was ousted under the guise of a resignation and Francis was installed through a massive vote-canvassing campaign that invalidated the election.

His performance has followed suit. Francis bows to the planet while dispensing with heavenly rules and has gone so far as to say that the Ten Commandments are "not absolute," yet he considers the new rules of man given to him by U.N. globalists as absolute and is setting these rules up as law. The commandment of this new secular church is to end Catholic Tradition and bow to the planetary idol of "Mother-Earth," symbolized by the pagan Pachamama idol that Francis venerated at St. Peters Basilica in fall 2019.

Hence this latest development is not about protecting people from COVID but about setting up this new humanistic church. The vaccine certification is merely a "green pass" or initiation to be part of this new church in which the vaccine is treated as a "sacrament" for our cure and well-being.

The irony being that the COVID vaccine is a bio-weapon made with aborted baby parts an abomination the same that has killed thousands of people worldwide. Acclaimed physician Dr. Vladimir Zelenko estimates that as many as 100,000 people have already died from the vaccine, yet Francis released a video last month urging people to get vaccinated without mentioning the vaccine's connection to abortion or to thousands of deaths and millions of injuries reported after its use.

It is for reason that credible bishops and priests throughout the world have decried the COVID vaccine and have warned the faithful of their obligation to not take it lest they participate in the murder of the unborn. For satanists see abortion as a sacrifice to Satan and taking the ungodly vaccine is an insidious way of getting Christians to participate in this black sacrifice.

It is for reason that Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano has called the COVID vaccine "A Human Sacrifice to Satan." May all men of good will promptly reject the vaccine for the love of Christ and His people.



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