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Francis Calling on Globalists to Oversee Use of Artificial Intelligence

David Martin | The Daily Knight

Pope Francis has issued a compelling call for a binding internationalist treaty to regulate the development and use of artificial intelligence (AI). In his annual message for the 57th World Day of Peace, he emphasized the urgent need for AI to align with the human values of compassion, mercy, and forgiveness. This appeal comes in the wake of concerns over the rapid advancement of AI technology.  


Francis said that AI places in human hands a “vast array of options, including some that may pose a risk to our survival and endanger our common home.” Of particular concern to him is the increasing use of smart drones in the military, which he calls the rise of “Lethal Autonomous Weapon Systems” and says, “It is imperative to ensure adequate, meaningful and consistent human oversight of weapon systems.”


AI technology was developed by ungodly men of science to mimic and replace humanity by allowing technological robots to do their work for them, but radicals have noted that the good people are now using AI for good causes like improving production and bolstering our military strength. This makes the enemies of Western prosperity nervous.

Ulterior Motives


Francis’ call for internationalist surveillance of AI is just another attempt to enfeeble western capitalism. Technological robots, sinister as they may be, can aid the building of wealthy, independent industrial nations like the U.S., which Francis abhors. Francis constantly down-talks U.S. capitalism as do Putin and the globalists. Connecting his call for a global treaty with the World Day of Peace serves to cover his contempt of peace.


And too, there is an apparent attempt to conceal totalitarian agenda. In the business world, a seller will aim to get $50.00 for an item, so he starts high at 100.00 where the buyer is allowed to chisel him down to 50.00 thinking he's getting a good deal, not realizing that the sale for 50.00 was the seller's original plan. 


Francis is selling the idea of having real human dictators to guide the world, not AI robots. He continually praises U.N. globalists who are pushing for an oppressive world government and says that "our duty is to obey" them. He has done everything in his power to assist globalists in their plan for world governance, so by down-talking artificial intelligence conservatives are pacified by his pseudo morality thus making them more apt to roll with his ‘human dictator’ idea, which is the original plan.

Note too, that Francis is not advocating the abolition of AI but is simply saying it should be controlled by the right people—the globalists. With respect to using AI in the military, he said a machine should not be making life-or-death decisions, so is he implying that real humans should make these decisions?


Francis Endorses the Perverted Use of AI Technology


Francis’ emphasis that AI align itself with the "human values" of compassion, mercy, and forgiveness is just another way of saying it should assist LGBT, transgenderism, women's rights, environmentalism, and other communistic forms of "good" that he continually plugs. When he warns of the dangers of “social control” by AI, he is warning of its use to oppose these liberal causes. He wants AI to give more punch to these causes and not to the strengthening of western free nations. 


But especially, he does not want AI technology to assist the cleansing, liberation, and exaltation of Holy Mother Church. He spends all his time bashing the Tradition of the Faith and fights any attempts to reach society with this One True Eternal Good. Against all the angels and saints of Heaven, he commands: 'Do not proselytize, do not convert Muslims, do not bring the Faith to other peoples.' 


Francis detests that technology in the social media has become an effective tool to expose his plan to abolish Catholic tradition, which he calls “mercy.” He looks with a mean eye upon the Catholic Church so how can he possibly have mercy and forgiveness if he can't first learn to forgive the Catholic Church for being Catholic?






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