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Francis Calling for Mandatory Climate Action and World Governance

David Martin | The Daily Knight

Last week we reported on how Illuminati affiliate and Vatican Secretary of State Cardinal Parolin feigned public disapproval of LGBT and women priests in order to ring the ears of conservatives and throw them off guard ahead of the Vatican’s true plan to come in with even more radical and stringent measures for the tear-down of Church and society.

Sure enough, Cardinal Parolin acting as Francis’ mouthpiece addressed this year’s COP28 “climate change” conference on December 2, calling for “obligatory and readily monitored” measures to accelerate the world’s transition toward global governance. Francis and Parolin slave for the cause of placing humanity under a despotic one-world government and are calling for government surveillance to ensure everyone complies.

In his COP28 message, Francis decried “destruction of the environment” and climate change, which he attributed to human causes, as an “offense against God” stemming from an “obsession” with the desire to “produce and possess.” With this, he called for an end to fossil fuels.

Climate Change is all about Abortion

Clearly Francis bows to the planet, not to Almighty God, and is abetting U.N. population-control experts in their scheme to blame man for the problems of earth, like “climate change,” to justify their plan to depopulate the planet via abortion, euthanasia, and vaccines. It’s all about murder. As these ‘experts’ see it, the great enemy of the planet are human babies because they will grow up and pollute the planet with their “CO2 emissions,” therefore they must be eliminated from the womb to ensure that this “sin” against the planet doesn’t continue in the future.

High Echelon Globalists are Satanists

Remember, the entire echelons of the U.N. and other like globalist organizations (like the WEF) are run by the members and sub-members of the Illuminati, a satanic network of globalists that labor incessantly around the clock to abolish Christianity and enslave man under a one-world tyranny. Their ‘love of the planet’ is only a pretext. They’re the ones polluting the planet so they can have an excuse to cry “climate change” and eliminate us.

And to think that Francis is abetting this sinister population-control coalition with every ounce of his will. It’s become his religion. According to Francis, when the globalists speak our duty is to obey. As they see it, reparation is due to “Mother Earth” for the sins committed against her and the reparation they demand is abortion, which they see as a due sacrifice to their planetary idol and to its prince, the devil.

Manmade Climate Change a Myth

The absurdity of all this is that there is no such thing as man-made climate change. It’s a fabricated myth that has no scientific backing, no proof, yet Francis and the globalists treat it as fact.

One would think that a pope would use the occasion of the COP28 conference to correct these confused globalists, but on December 3, Francis rather pledged his commitment to promoting climate action by signing an Abu Dhabi Interfaith Statement for COP28, which calls on government leaders to establish accountability mechanisms” [punitive measures] to ensure the implementation of climate action. In the name of mercy, we see red ironclad communist control clamping down on society.

Reaffirms Call for Global Governance

In his COP28 conference message via Parolin, Francis reaffirmed his call for “global governance” as a solution to forcing wealthy nations to satisfy their “ecological debts” to poorer countries. This whole idea of “distribution of wealth” is purely a Communist one since the Communists see rich countries as their greatest threat because they are harder to takeover and control.

It’s like the prisoners in the Nazi camps. They’re much easier to control when they’re poor and their ribs are showing, and Francis and the globalists want to make the western countries poor. It has NOTHING to do with giving to the poor, as Francis, a self-proclaimed Communist would have us think. Let us not forget his words:

“It is the Communists who think like Christians”



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