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Faux Consecration Sidesteps Russia While Emphasizing Humanist Unity

David Martin | The Daily Knight

While some are expressing sighs of relief that the long-awaited “Consecration of Russia” is finally done following the recent worldwide “Prayer of Consecration” that was led by Pope Francis, it appears that Russia remains unconsecrated to the Immaculate Heart of Mary since the solemnity was not about consecrating Russia but about consecrating the world. Russia was only mentioned briefly at the end. There was no mention of Our Lady of Fatima who asked for the Consecration of Russia nor was there any mention of the need to deliver Russia from the curse of Communism nor was this event even about Russia. Humanist solutions for peace were offered while the requests of Our Lady of Fatima were completely blown off.

Fake Humility

The Prayer of Consecration purported to lament the evils of war yet failed to confess that the present-day profanation of the Church through the many crimes against Faith being promoted within the Church – i.e. ecumenism, modernism, feminism, LGBT, lay empowerment, Communion in the hand, guitar Mass, etc. – are bringing the 1 scepter of war upon us. The ugly hand of Communism has reached in today to desecrate the Body of Christ to the detriment of God’s children yet the one solution offered by the Virgin at Fatima to neutralize this diabolical force of Communism – the Consecration of ONLY Russia to her Immaculate Heart – was not employed.

The entire ceremony focused rather on consecrating “ourselves” and “humanity.” TheAct of Consecration” was more of a political tool to advance one-world unity and ecology. It stressed the “fraternity” of the “human family” and how we should give up the “selfish needs and concerns” of “our own nations” (nationalism) and be “stewards of our common home” (environmentalists), as if Francis was eliciting God’s blessing for eco-globalism.

“Earth of Heaven”

What is eerie is that in paragraph 6 of the original Italian version of the Consecration Prayer, Mary is referred to as “terra del Cielo” (earth of Heaven) which seems to insinuate that our consecration is to the planet, not to Mary. The original should have read “Queen of Heaven” (Regina del Cielo). The translation that was made into 2 most of the other languages followed suit, e.g. the Spanish version is rendered “tierra del Cielo.”

Pachamama Connection

Liberals have defended this wording by arguing that in cultures like Mexico the Virgin Mary is referred to as tierra del Cielo (earth of Heaven), which is false. When in history did Mexican Catholics ever refer to the Blessed Mother as "tierra del Cielo?” Never! That's how the pagans referred to the earth-mother Pachamama, the goddess idol of the planet whom they worshipped and to whom they sacrificed their children the same idol that Pope Francis displayed and venerated in St. Peter’s Basilica in October 2019.

Pachamama today is seen as a symbol of environmentalism or planet-worship among globalists, the same who Francis collaborates with, and the eco-wording of Consecration Prayer used in the ceremony bears their fingerprints.

Vatican Explanation

On March 25, the Vatican Dicastery for Communication tried to explain away Francis’ use of “Earth of Heaven” in the Prayer of Consecration by saying, “The expression ‘Earth of Heaven’ is taken from a Byzantine-Slavic monastic hymn, and it poetically signifies the union of heaven and earth that we can contemplate in Mary assumed bodily into Heaven.”

This is an unorthodox explanation that stems from a base and worldly mindset. Never in Church history has any pope or saint taught that Mary’s Assumption signifies a union between Heaven and earth. For Mary was not of this earth even during her earthly sojourn, but was of a sublime and heavenly nature – not of this world.

Linking “Earth of Heaven” to the Eastern Rite is a weak argument. The Virgin Mary in Eastern Rite Churches has always been referred to as Theotokos, signifying Mother of God. St. John Chrysostom and St. Ephrem had only referred to Mary as “Virgin Earth” (not Earth of Heaven) to typify how our eternal paradise blossomed from her without the aid of man, i.e. that she was pure and heavenly.

What team-Francis has done is to use the ancient wording out of context to suggest that the planet is our “earth-mother” or “earth-heaven.” It’s a slick ambiguity to get us to consecrate ourselves to the earth, as if earth was heaven. It seemingly ties to his veneration of the earth-mother Pachamama during the Amazonian Synod of October 2019.

Requests of Our Lady of Fatima Not Fulfilled

Suffice to say, the requests of Our Lady of Fatima for the Consecration of only Russia to her Immaculate Heart have not been fulfilled. To say that the March 25 event was a worldwide day of reparation and prayer dedicated exclusively to the consecration and conversion of Russia would be absurd. The mere fact that Francis briefly said ‘we consecrate Russia and Ukraine’ doesn’t necessarily render the consecration valid and it could even be argued that this rendered it an act of deception.

The consecration has left a number of bishops and priests disappointed while some have even declared it invalid. Traditional Fatima priest Fr. Isaac Mary Relyea has boldly proclaimed that “the consecration will not be accepted” by the Blessed Mother, and he appears to have hit the nail on the head.

There is Still Hope

Fortunately, not all the bishops and clergy throughout the world who participated in the consecration used the Prayer of Consecration that Francis supplied them with so it could be that their good intentions gave some efficacious power to the Consecration. Who is to say that their good intentions and actions during the Act of Consecration didn’t make the difference for the world! Bless those bishops and priests who truly looked forward to the Consecration and who put their heart into making it fruitful. It’s only for God to know just how efficacious their prayers really were.

It’s also good to remember that consecrations can always be renewed so hopefully Francis or a future pope will renew the Consecration of Russia and finally get it right.


1. That is, the wrath of God executed through war. The Blessed Virgin prophesied that if the Consecration wasn’t done [properly] God would use Russia as his scourge wherewith to whip and punish the world.

2. America is one of the few countries where the translation read “Queen of Heaven,” which technically is a poor translation but is the way it should actually read.


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