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Crisis Magazine Tells Archbishop Viganò to “Shut Up”

David Martin | The Daily Knight

On May 29, former U.S. apostolic nuncio Archbishop Viganò published a post on X in which he accused Francis of having committed the “same abuses” as ex-cardinal McCarrick when Francis was serving as Master of Novices for the Jesuits in Argentina. Viganò stated that a former novice of Francis had confided in him that he had been personally abused by the then Archbishop Bergoglio. 


That same day, Eric Sammons, the editor in chief of Crisis Magazine responded to the report by publicly ordering Archbishop Viganò to "keep your mouth shut" about the disclosure made to him by the former novice. And this bad-mouthing is nothing new, his staff has a history of tearing down Vigano's character. In 2018, Crisis Magazine published an article referencing Vigano as a Bad Bishop who is being 'swept away by modern politics' and on June 11 they posted a video titled, "The Rise and Fall of Archbishop Viganò."

Who is the editor of a half-baked-religious magazine to be judging a high prelate of the Catholic Church? Especially when he is just and in the right? And who is he to publicly announce that Archbishop Viganò "has fallen?" Such detraction echoes the envy and murmuring of modernists who hate the archbishop. Sammon's attempt to silence Viganò is seemingly an attempt to cover crime.

This open castigation of Viganò demonstrates fear, disrespect, and poor judgement. Fear because Crisis Magazine dignifies the opinion of the jeering crowd over truth, disrespect because they have the dare to publicly criticize one of the highest and holiest prelates of the Catholic Church today, and poor judgment because they fail to see the good that Viganò is doing.   


Why is Vigano's claim so hard to believe? What is more daring and vile, to simply be gay or to publicly promote homosexuality? Who is worse, a drug user or a drug pusher? Francis has spent much of his time and energy pushing homosexuality. He said that “homosexuality isn’t a crime,” he insisted that laws be passed to protect homosexual living, he co-authored the infamous Fiducia Supplicans endorsing the clerical blessing of homosexual couples and relations. Now Francis has written and published a preface to a new book by LGBT advocate Fr. James Martin who has spent his career spreading sodomy among Catholic priests. The world body of bishops with one voice should openly condemn this shame but human respect prevents them from doing so. Viganò is virtually the only prelate who taken the ax to Francis’ error.

While some might argue that Archbishop Viganò made a somewhat reckless statement concerning the abused novice, this could only apply if he had no evidence to support his allegation. Viganò is no dummy and he of all people would never take a chance of discrediting Catholic tradition by making a serious accusation he can't back up. Viganò no doubt has taped evidence already in place, or at least a written testimony of Francis' former novice to silence his foes should they start getting huffy. He may be baiting them so they better be careful. 


Note too, that Francis and the Vatican haven't denied Vigano's charge. This is telling. Seems they're getting nervous.


If the staff of Crisis Magazine doesn't have the courage and good will to retract their May 29 post on Archbishop Viganò they should at least consider "keeping their mouth shut" remembering that for "every idle word that men shall speak, they shall render an account for it in the day of judgment." (Matthew 12:36)






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Paulo Elliot
Paulo Elliot
13. Juni

Archbishop Vigano does not lie so if he says that the novice confided this or that to him people should take him at his word.

Gefällt mir
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