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Cardinal Müller Claims Pope Francis Lacks 'Divine Connection' with the Holy Spirit

The Daily Knight

Cardinal Gerhard Müller

Sexual abuse has been a pressing issue in the Catholic church, especially among those in high positions involved in this dilemma. According to the Catholic news site LaCroix International, Cardinal Gerhard Müller, the former prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, is putting out a book in which he accuses Pope Francis of giving "privileged status" to some of his friends who have been accused of sexual abuse in the church.

The Daily Caller published that, "Müller explained that his book will help legitimize concerns that others may have with the pope and said that the Holy Spirit does not influence Francis, according to LaCroix International."

Cardinal Speaks Against Pope Francis

Recently, there have been legal actions conducted against several Church Leaders who got involved in sexual misconduct. In an article in Christianity Daily, Father Marko Rupnik, a 68-year-old Slovenian priest and artist, also a colleague of the Pope, has reportedly been charged with sexually and emotionally abusing numerous women in a religious community in Ljubljana in the early 1990s.

The Jesuit order punished Rupnik and revoked his permission to hear confessions after the charges first surfaced in the Italian media. Although it was also involved in the case, the Vatican's ministry for teaching the faith claimed that Rupnik could not be prosecuted since the limitation period had run.

Rupnik was also found guilty of absolving an accomplice for having intercourse with him in a separate instance, which is a severe offense under church law and will cause him to be excommunicated from the Catholic Church in May 2020.

After this situation surfaced, some believed that the high authorities were covering up for Rupnik and having a blind eye to the problem. Cardinal Gerhard Müller stated that the Pope has no communication with the Holy Spirit. With his book, he argued that he wanted to assist individuals struggling with this pontificate.

Müller: An Outspoken Critic of The Pope

Since Pope Francis fired Müller as prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith after Pope Emeritus Benedict resigned, Müller has been a vocal opponent of Francis. According to the German cardinal, Müller's forced retirement came unexpectedly fast and was left without explanation.

According to The Daily Caller, Francis told Müller, "You have finished your mandate. "Thank you for your work," Müller said to LaCroix International, without providing him a reason at the time or later.

According to Politico, Francis is said to care more about environmental issues and "globalization" than he does about theology. Müller opposed Francis' call for the church to take bold action to tackle climate change, arguing that the institution was insufficiently qualified to do so and should refrain. Nevertheless, Müller acknowledged that it was challenging to disagree with the Pope.

Müller remarked himself as a typical German professor and was not thrilled. That people are talking about him. He was tapped as the successor of Pope Benedict XVI because of Müller's nomination by Benedict to the Doctrine of Faith and their shared conservatism.

In Christ Crucified and the Most Victorious Heart of Jesus.



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