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Cardinal Fernández: Bishops banned from formally denying Fiducia Supplicans

David Martin | The Daily Knight

On behalf of Pope Francis, DDF prefect Cardinal Fernandez has issued a press release wherein he says that the bishops of the world are not given the option to distance themselves from Fiducia Supplicans and are banned from voicing formal denial of it.


The statement was released January 4th “to help clarify the reception of Fiducia Supplicans, while recommending at the same time a full and calm reading of the Declaration so as to better understand its meaning and purpose.” 


Fiducia Supplicans was released December 18, 2023, allowing “blessings for couples in irregular situations and for couples of the same sex,” while adding that the Church’s teaching on marriage between one man and one woman remained unchanged.

Ringing Conservative Ears


Fernandez only says this to feign respect for marriage to better sell his LGBT message to the Church. He says marriage is between a man and woman only to emphasize that he and his kind hate marriage and don’t want to be associated with the name. In so little words, he is saying: ‘Your inferior institution of marriage is between man and woman only, but our superior institution of sodomy is between man and man only.”


Fernandez and Francis are much disturbed that the bishops are dismissing Fiducia Supplicans so they’re pushing hard to get them to carefully read the document for it is in this manner that it will have its greatest effect to weaken and subvert the minds of the clergy. For the document is deliberately jinxed with a plethora of demonic and sophisticated verbiage that was inspired by Satan to poison the minds of clergy and laity. Fiducia Supplicans is the work of the devil to destroy the Church so the members of the universal Church should flee from the document as from the face of a serpent, remembering the warning of Holy Scripture, “He that loves danger shall perish in it.” (Ecc. 3:27)


Growing Fears of Being Punished


Even so, Francis and Fernandez are threatening more and more to punish bishops and priests who speak out against the Declaration. With the increasing reports of priests being canceled or excommunicated for denouncing Fiducia Supplicans, there seems to be a growing fear among some Catholics where they feel compelled to consent to the Declaration or to work within its context to avoid being separated from the Church, but this is only a scruple.

Consent to Fiducia Supplicans is the very thing that will separate Catholics from the Church, whereas openly denouncing and separating themselves from it is what will procure for them a close unity with the Church and its Divine Head. For we can’t heed Almighty God and heed Team Francis-Fernandez at the same time. If Fernandez doesn’t like it, he can hang it over his earring, but we have better things to do.


The fact is that Francis, Fernandez, a host of Vatican cardinals are working overtime to infect the Church with LGBT through the clerical blessing of gay couples, which in turn destroys family values. This latter-day attack on the family fulfills Sr. Lucy of Fatima’s prophetic letter to Cardinal Carlo Caffarra in 1984, when she said:


“The decisive battle between the Kingdom of Christ and Satan will be over marriage and family.”




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