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  • Justin Haggerty | The Daily Knight

BLM Revolutionary Assassin bailed out with $100k by local Kentucky chapter

Justin Haggerty | The Daily Knight

"BLM activist Quintez Brown reportedly walked into candidate Greenberg's office, pointed gun directly at him, and opened fire." (@Jack Posobiec)

A 21-year-old BLM revolutionary was charged with the attempted murder of a Louisville, Kentucky mayoral candidate. Quintez Brown, the would-be assassin, was released on Wednesday from custody after the $100,000 bond was posted by the local BLM chapter's Louisville Community Bail Fund.

In an attempt to re-write the narrative about the communist revolutionary, BLM Louisville organizer Chanelle Helm, claimed that Brown needed to be released for safety concerns — making the erroneous mental health case that he was "suffering from PTSD after two years of social unrest and the COVID-19 pandemic."

To the communist revolutionary and domestic terrorism syndicate BLM, Brown must be portrayed not as a murderer or assassin, but as a societal victim.

Quintez Brown has been arrested in connection to the shooting of mayoral candidate Craig Greenberg on February 15, 2022. Louisville Metro Department of Corrections via AP.

The New York Post reports that Helm stated: “In this case, we’re dealing with someone that has mental health issues."

Furthermore, Helm expressed that “They are calling for this individual, this young man who needs support and help, to be punished to the full is a resounding message that people are down for the torture that has taken place in our jails and prisons.”

The Senate Republic Leader from Kentucky, Mitch McConnell, posted to Twitter: “Less than 48 hours after a far-left Black Lives Matter activist tried to literally murder a politician, the radical left bailed their comrade out of jail. It is just jaw-dropping."

Brown was arrested and charged with attempted murder, rather than attempted assassination or domestic terrorism, after opening fire with a 9mm Glock handgun inside Greenberg’s mayoral campaign office on Monday, February 14th.

Greenberg, nor his staff, albeit being grazed by one incoming round, were harmed during the attack.

The Louisville PD, rather than investigating the larger seditious threat by the local BLM syndicate, released a statement "that Brown appears to have acted alone and they are still investigating a motive for the shooting." Any reader would find it extremely alarming and skeptical as to how the local investigation would be unaware of a potential motive. These "activists" are communist revolutionaries.

Following the party line and the BLM narrative, Brown’s attorney defended his “serious mental issues” and assured that he would receive a psychiatric treatment, a textbook response and defensive tactic used by Antifa and BLM.

BLM Louisville organizer Chanelle Helm, who co-founded the bail fund, told the outlet that Brown would be safer out of prison. WAVE

Quintez Brown’s cash bond was paid on February 16, 2022, by the Louisville Community Bail Fund, which is an arm of Black Lives Matter Louisville. Michael Clevenger/Courier Journa

A video, of BLM's $100,000 cashier's check, can be found on Tommy Robinson's GETTR account.

The financial support through the BLM syndicate is concerning. Such bail bond funds were first reported during the General Election in 2020, in an effort to get prisoners released from jail in return for their votes.

While Christian organizations, conservative initiatives, the legal defense for Kyle Rittenhouse, and the Canadian Freedom Convoy have all met opposition or were prohibited from crowdfunding platforms, the Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation raised over $66M since 2020. As a "charitable" organization, the criminal syndicate has paid little to no taxes to the IRS.

It is well believed that the total funding for BLM is much larger, as millions of dollars are funneled through sister organizations, such as local and nationwide bail funds and social justice initiatives, in an effort to mask, support, and expand their communist revolution.

In Christ Crucified and the Most Victorious Heart of Jesus.

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