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Archbishop Viganò Accuses Francis of Committing the Same Abuses as Cardinal McCarrick

David Martin | The Daily Knight

On Wednesday, May 29, Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò publicly accused Pope Francis of deliberately infiltrating and corrupting the Catholic clergy with homosexuality and pedophilia and of committing “the same abuses” as ex-cardinal Theodore McCarrick who was charged with sexually abusing countless seminarians and minors.

The Archbishop posted the following on X, formerly Twitter.

On 23 June 2013 when I met Bergoglio at the Domus Sanctæ Marthæ – as already extensively reported in my Memorial of August 22, 2018 – he asked me ex abrupto: «What is Cardinal McCarrick like?»

I replied to him: « Holy Father, I don’t know if you know Cardinal McCarrick, but if you ask the Congregation for Bishops, there is a dossier this big. He corrupted generations of seminarians…»

Bergoglio remained impassive and completely changed the subject. 

His reaction is not surprising: Bergoglio himself committed the same abuses when he was Master of Novices of the Society of Jesus in Argentina, as personally confided to me by one of his former novices.

Bergoglio does not want to oust homosexual seminarians and priests: he rather wants to complete the work of infiltration and corruption of the Clergy through homosexuality and pedophilia, so that by declassifying the serious sinfulness of sodomy and corruption of minors the door opens on the civil front to decriminalization of these crimes.

On the other hand, the same scurrilous terminology typical of the environments that the Argentine Jesuit deplores in words, betrays his familiarity with corrupt people accustomed to speaking to him this way

The protection and promotions granted to countless corrupt and perverted cardinals, bishops, and priests; the buses of transvestites invited on several occasions to the Vatican; private hearings for transsexual and homosexual couples in concubinage; the scandalous LGBTQ + media spotlight granted to James Martin s.j.; the shameful promotion of Tucho [Cardinal] Fernandez to Prefect of the Dicastery for the Doctrine of the Faith; the recent appointments of two Canons of Santa Maria Maggiore who are known throughout the city of Rome as homosexuals, all confirm Bergoglio’s membership of the [gay] lobby to which he owes his nomination (and I am deliberately not calling it his “election”).

Vigano’s charge that Francis has committed the same abuses as McCarrick shouldn’t surprise us. After all, Francis has gone out of his way to dignify homosexuality in the Church, whether it’s by appointing notorious homosexuals to high positions in the Church, by publicly declaring that “homosexuality is not a crime,” by openly praising “Fr” James Martin for his avid promotion of homosexuality, by blessing gay couples and relations, and by insisting that civil laws be enacted to protect homosexual living. By continually blessing and making issue of homosexuality Francis is promoting it, which in turn is spawning the sexual-abuse in the Church.

According to St. Paul, the issue of sodomy should never be uttered above a whisper if at all, and here Francis blesses LGBT audiences and publicly praises Fr. James Martin’s LGBT conferences that are designed to spread sodomy among the clergy.

True pastoral care commands that the clergy counsel and correct homosexuals about their vice and that they admonish them that failure to amend this sin will land them in the fires of Hell. The duty of priests is to deliver souls from captivity, not to sustain their shameful captivity.

Hence Archbishop Viganò’s words are just and sorely needed. If Our Lord walked among us today he’d say the same thing and would fling the wrong-doers from His Temple. And that day is coming soon.

In the meantime, we need more Archbishop Viganòs to sound the alarm about the many abominations in the Church that are bringing the hand of Divine Justice upon the Church and world.

Failure to Speak Out Makes One a Silent Accomplice

The saints teach that silence in the face of evil makes one complicit in evil. A person who through cowardice refuses to speak out against evil becomes a silent accomplice thus rendering himself culpable before God.

Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò is one of the only prelates of the Catholic Church who has had the courage and pastoral care to speak out against Francis’ multiple crimes against the Faith. Against fierce liberalist backlash he has put his neck on the line and set an example of what all the clergy of the Church should be doing.

Conchita’s Prophecy about the Popes

While some might question the Archbishop’s refusal to acknowledge Francis’ election in 2013, it’s good to point out that right after the death of Pope John XXIII, Conchita, the principal seer of Garabandal said that there remained four popes before the Great Warning. These vicars have now come and gone, they being Paul VI, John Paul I, John Paul II, and Benedict XVI. Initially Conchita said there remained three popes, but she immediately clarified that four actually remained but that the tenure of one would be so short it really wouldn’t count.

This shows the authenticity of Conchita’s prophecy in that she accurately predicted the pontificate of Pope John Paul I whose reign lasted only 33 days. He was murdered by the then Vatican Secretary of State Cardinal Jean Villot who gave him poison champagne. Villot was an initiated Freemason with the code name “Jeanni.”


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katie yee
katie yee
May 30

Maybe he's gay himself . Nonetheless I believe Vigano!!!!!

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