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  • David Martin | The Daily Knight

America Should Stand With Israel?

David Martin | The Daily Knight

Israel and Palestine trade rocket fire (iNews)

The fake media is sending out fake signals that Biden supports violence against Israel, but Biden supports Israel. This portrayal of Biden as an Israel hater is simply a media trick to get patriot America to come to Israel’s defense.

Unfortunately, Israel deserves no support from America because Israel is hostile to peace and their inhumanity to the Palestinians last week was glaring proof of this. The one-world Zionists have generated the unrelenting barrage of President Donald J. Trump bashing for the past four years yet Trump feels we’re supposed to support Israel. Soros, Biden, and the infamous U.N. are all pro-Jew so why does Trump want to stand with Israel? It's like a man who keeps banging his head against the wall and he can't figure out why it hurts. The Jews are of that mentality and when we listen to them we adopt their mentality of being blind. The blind Jews crucified the Son of God and they're still doing it today so why should Christian America stand with them?

If Trump will finally acknowledge that Israel is anti-Christian and anti-American and he can finally have the courage to stand up against the un-American June 2015 SCOTUS decision in favor of gay-rights – a decision that was influenced by George Soros and his Zionist cronies – God no doubt will place Trump back into the Oval Office and he won't have to wait till 2024. But as long as he dignifies the enemy the enemy will have strength over him to keep him out of the White House.

If Trump truly loves America – and he does – then he must act accordingly and stop honoring these perfidious enemies of Christ who are undermining America like rats. He's too worried about being called anti-Semitic. He should stop worrying and should just do manfully and trust in God.

It's imperative that Trump be aware of Biden’s alliances because Biden is quickly leading this country to enslavement under a one-world tyranny. Let us not be deceived, Biden is pro-Jew, pro-Communist, pro-U.N. He is a key part of this internationalist octopus to bring down America so America shouldn’t fall for his tricks. Biden's recent "praise" of the anti-Israeli Rashida Tlaib was just a stage act to race-bait us into coming to Israel’s defense.

On this Feast of Pentecost let us pray that President Trump can have the gift of discernment to know who his enemies are because knowing the enemy is essential in defeating their effort to bring down America.



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