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Statue of King Louis XVI removed in Louisville to appease Antifa & BLM

Justin Haggerty | The Daily Knight


LOUISVILLE, Ky. — The statue of King Louis XVI, French monarch and patron of Louisville, Kentucky, which has been vandalized several times in recent months, is being removed from its spot in the city's downtown area.

CBS WLKY reported that, Mayor Greg Fischer made the announcement Thursday morning.

The mayor stated that crews began its removal around 7 a.m., transporting the statue to a storage facility.

Facebook Livestream of the statue's removal:

"Any future plans for the statue will be determined following a conservation assessment," asserted Mayro Fischer.

CBS WLKY futher illustraded that the statue of King Louis XVI, "which sits near Jefferson Square Park, the epicenter of protests in Louisville, has been spray painted multiple times and has breakage on the arms and feet."

"Given the statue’s damaged condition, officials are concerned about further destruction, causing potential injury to people in the area," Mayor Fischer affirmed. The mayor confirmed, because of the damages, that the statue cannot be cleaned or restored on-stie.


Mayor Fischer explained that "the decision came after careful consideration by city leaders and in accordance with the guidance in the 2018 Public Art and Monuments Advisory Committee Report."

The removal of the statue of King Louis XVI is another example of the hundreds of statues that local governments, organizations, and Churches are refusing to defend and allow the growing marxist-cancel culture to eliminate.

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