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Petition Demands St. Louis to be Renamed and St. King Louis IX Statue to be Removed to Appease Musli

St. King Louis IX statue in Forest Park, St. Louis, Missouri (Wikipedia)

First it was Christopher Columbus and St. Junipero Serra, and now marxists turn their focus on St. King Louis IX of France. KMOX St. Louis reported yesterday that "a petition has been made with hopes of changing the city's name in St. Louis and taking down a statue of its namesake, Saint Louis IX in Forest Park. The creators say the city's name is "outright disrespect" to Jewish and Muslim residents."

The petition's co-writer, Umar Lee, is a local muslim blogger who successfully coordinated a petition to remove a statue of Christopher Columbus from Tower Grove Park in St. Louis.

Umar's peition, inspired by muslim and jewish lies and propaganda, attempts to assert that "Nazi Germany gained inspiration and ideas from Louis IX" for the holocaust, calling him a "rabid anti-semite" and "vehement islamophobe."

In truth, St. King Louis IX was a man of God, a Third Order Franciscan, who led France with grace and humility. During his Kingship, St. King Louis IX fought to enforce the fair rule of law through the courts, conduct and promote charity for the poor (of whom he personally fed over 100 daily), and founded many hospitals to provide healthcare for those without access.

With Jerusalem fallen to the saracens, St. King Louis IX made the sacrifice to reclaim the Holy Land and rescue the Latin Kingdoms. A humble servant of the Church, St. King Louis IX felt that his duty to the Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church outweighed the responsibilities of his throne. Personally leading the Seventh and Eighth Crusades, he was captured in Egypt after the destruction of his army and died of dysentery in Tunis.

Like Christopher Columbus and St. Junipero Serra, the marxists despise St. King Louis IX, because he is a faithful son of the Church. He stood for, and continues to stand guard in Heaven, for the kingdom, society, and Christian virtues that Antifa and their marxist dogs oppose. Of course they want St. King Louis IX's statue to be removed and any evidence of his name to be eliminated from public society.

If you think that this marxist iconoclast is going to end here, you are greatly naive and mistaken. Churches across the United States have already been vandalized and desecrated during these BLM and Antifa riots. Soon, Catholics will be persecuted, forced to practice the Faith in secret, Priests, Monks, and Nuns will be imprisoned and executed, and Civil War will return to America.

Find that a stretch? Don't be as naive and unprepared as the Bourbons in Paris and the White Russians in St. Petersburg and Moscow. Furthermore, it was only one-hundred years ago that Catholicism was outlawed in Mexico, leading armed conflict, and remains persecuted in communist China.

Freemasonic marxists, like their father Lucifer, will come in many forms and names in an attempt to deceive you; but, it is clear who Antifa and the progressive-socialist left descend from. As atheists, their new religion is to worship man and all of his pleasures, and to build the secular leviathan out of chaos and anarchy.

Embrace Divine Order and the Kingship of Christ over that chaos and anarchy, identify the enemy, and unite to meet him on the field of battle. Don't let their terror tactics scare you from mobilizing in spiritual battle and praying the Holy Rosary, coordinating in political battle to march in solidarity with the city's Christian history and virtues, and engaging in defensive battle to protect your lives, homes, and Churches if the moment comes to that.

If the enemy comes to tear down the statue of St. King Louis IX, defend it.

Prayer to St. King Louis IX

O holy King St. Louis,

worthy son of our Holy Father St. Francis

and patron of the Third Order,

intercede for me with our Heavenly Father.

Obtain for me the grace to follow in thy footsteps,

to be always a dutiful child of St. Francis,

and to observe exactly, all the days of my life,

that holy rule which thou loved so ardently and kept so faithfully.

Be my guide and protector,

so that I may never stray from the path of virtue

but increase daily in holiness and perfection,

and finally merit to be numbered among the chosen ones

of our Seraphic Father in Heaven. Amen. – Litany of Saint Louis IX, Franciscan

In Christ Crucified and the Most Victorious Heart of Jesus.

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