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Rally Men! Defend your Churches from BLM and Antifa

How 12 men can defend your local Catholic Church from vandalism, arson, desecration and occupation (Knights of the Republic)

2021 Addition to Article

With a broken heart, it pains me that we have to return to this article. Last year, we watched our cities burn and marxist rioters desecrated Catholic Churches (including burning the St. Junipero Serra's Mission in California) and destroyed statues of the Saints, our Blessed Mother, and our Lord. BLM and Antifa are diabolical foot-soldiers of a Communist Revolution in the United States. Communist Revolutions, going back to the French and Glorious Revolutions, targeted Holy Mother Church and the faithful. Darkness always seeks out and attempts to destroy the light in the world.

Last night, we watched as Sacred Heart Catholic Church in downtown Minneapolis was burnt to the ground, just blocks from the BLM and Antifa protests for the George Floyd trial. On hundreds of occasions, even from politicians like Maxine Waters, socialists have pledged to burn down the cities of America if they don't get what they want (abolishment of police forces, reparations, critical race theory violence on whites and minorities, removal of the nuclear family, and the destruction of western civilization, i.e. the Church).

Facebook Video:

After publishing this article last year, in response to the deadly riots and autonomous zones, we backed off and didn't pursue our inclination to prepare Catholic men to defend their parishes. Now, we have not choice but to accept the calling. God demand's justice and the protection of all things holy, pure, and innocent. Men must protect their churches and the innocent faithful amongst the congregation. We must accept the call to defend against tyranny, like the Saints of the Army of Vendée before us.

Answer the call! Volunteer to defend your parish!

The Sacred Military Order of Knights of the Republic and the Most Victorious Heart of Jesus is calling for male volunteers to defend local parishes. You do not need to be a member of our Order, but we need leaders, good Catholic gentlemen, to pledge their support to help train how defend a Church and the faithful in safe, lawful, and effective manner. We will be publishing materials shortly to bring awareness, please share them with your fellow Catholics and members of your congregation.

In Christ Crucified and the Most Victorious Heart of Jesus.

2020 Version of Article

American cities are being ravaged by looters and violent riots from Black Lives Matter and Antifa. Orchestrated by the militant and marxist left, who oppose Christian society, vandals have damaged several dozen Catholic Churches and statues across the United States in the past three weeks. Furthermore, peaceful neighborhoods and Church properties are now vulnerable to being occupied by Antifa in "autonomous zones," as seen in Seattle's Capitol Hill area.

Last night's episode of looting and arson in Atlanta and the week-long occupation of Seattle's Capitol Hill neighborhood should illustrate how vulnerable our communities and Churches are. While law enforcement are fully engaged with containing protests, cities are defunding and disbanding police departments, and state and federal government are too timid to effectively deploy the National Guard and U.S. Army to assist, communities are concerned with their safety and how to organically ensure their own security.

The same security must be provided for our Churches, where the full Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity of our Lord Jesus Christ resides.

The right to defend one's life, liberty, and property is protected by the Constitution of the United States. St. Thomas Aquinas, in just war theory (jus ad bellum), stated that war must have a just cause - i.e. against invasion, or for self-defense, which applies in this horrible situation.

If the government cannot control the violent occupations and remains incapable of protecting our neighborhoods and Churches, it is just to organize self-defense. On that note, I'll show you how to defend your Church with at least 12 able men.

Adhering to just war theory, all planning and tactical actions must be executed for self-defense of life and property. The mission is to retain Church property, by screening and guarding, from enemy infantry and violent rioters in the vicinity of American urban areas and occupied "autonomous zones."

Retain: tactical mission task in which the commander ensures that a terrain feature controlled by a friendly force remains free of enemy occupation or use.

Screen: tactical mission that seeks to deny enemy reconnaissance units close-in observation of the main body. An effective screen can conceal where an army begins and ends, making it hard to flank.

Guard: tactical mission to protect the main force by fighting to gain time while also observing and reporting information and preventing enemy ground observation of and direct fire against the main body.

Personnel Requirements:

- 12 personnel total

- 2 personnel to guard, with good cover and concealment, main entrance to the nave

- 2 personnel to guard, with good cover and concealment, secondary entrance to the Church

- 2 personnel to guard, with good cover and concealment, third point of entrance to the Church

- 2 personnel to establish an observation post, with good cover and concealment, to screen the enemy's main avenue of approach

- 2 personnel to establish an observation post, with good cover and concealment, to screen the enemy's secondary avenue of approach

- 2 personnel to conduct patrols to clear areas between guard positions and observation posts; this team will also serve as the quick reaction force (QRF)

Equipment Requirements:

- Melee Defensive Arms

- Defensive Arms (open carry or concealed, depending on local laws and permits)

- Defensive Ammunition

- Pepper/Wasp Spray

- Milk

- Helmets

- Long Sleeve Blouse and Trousers

- Mechanix Gloves

- Boots (extra socks)

- Knee pads (suggested)

- Ballistic Eye Protection

- Radios (extra battery)

- Backpack

- Water (24hrs worth, preferably Camelback)

- Food (at least 1 meal)

- First Aid Kit (w/ tourniquet)

- Tools (to erect obstacles and plywood windows)

- Fire Extinguishers (to combat fires)

- Surveillance Cameras (cover all avenues for information and legal support)


- Join local and regional social media pages and groups to monitor the posts of protesters and Antifa, in order to ascertain plans and timelines. Social media may be the best to provide an early warning.

- Network with local Catholics and conservative Christians to establish neighborhood watches, in order to alert the community of unlawful gatherings, angry protests, and incoming riots.

- Ensure that surveillance cameras cover all defensive positions and avenues of approach to ensure that proper information is gathered and video evidence for legal support.


- If the Church has more than three major entrances, adjust defensive positions and tactical missions accordingly.

- If the enemy has more than two major avenues of approach, make improvements to maneuver personnel to block enemy advances or build engineer works to block, turn, or fix the enemy and prevent him from enjoying the freedom to maneuver.

Cover and Concealment:

- In order for the defensive positions to effectively screen and guard, they must have proper cover and concealment to limit enemy observation and provide additional protection from enemy projectiles and fire.

Engineer Works:

- To force the enemy to use the avenue of approach that best fits defense capabilities, build works to impede his movement.

- Fencing, barricades, vehicles, mounds of gravel and dirt, etc., can all be non-lethal and defensive works to block, turn, or fix the enemy.

Block: tactical obstacle effect that integrates fire planning and obstacle effort to stop an attacker along a specific avenue of approach or prevent him from passing through an engagement area.

Turn: tactical obstacle effect that integrates fire planning and obstacle effort to divert an enemy formation from one avenue of approach to an adjacent avenue of approach or into an engagement area.

Fix: tactical obstacle effect that focuses fire planning and obstacle effort to slow an attacker's movement within a specified area, normally an engagement area.

Maintain Freedom of Maneuver:

- It is imperative to maintain freedom of maneuver to quickly adjust to the enemy's movements and deploy tactical superiority at the decisive point. Such superiority can be won by blocking the enemy and providing effective support by fire.

- Such improvements can be made with radio communications, improvised signals, motorized transportation, and obstacles to slow enemy movements.

Decisive Point: a geographic place, specific key event, critical factor, or function that, when acted upon, allows commanders to gain a marked advantage over an adversary or contribute materially to achieving success.

Block: tactical mission task that denies the enemy access to an area or prevents his advance in a direction or along an avenue of approach.

Support by Fire: tactical mission task in which a maneuver force moves to a position where it can engage the enemy by direct fire in support of another maneuvering force.

Fall Back Positions:

- If observation posts are compromised, teams must tactically retrograde to the defensive positions guarding the Church's entrances. Guard positions must provide suppressive fire to ensure their safe and controlled retrograde.

- If guard positions are compromised, all teams must tactically retrograde to defensive positions within the Church and barricade entrances.

- Although enemy penetration into the Church is unlikely, great risk remains of projectiles being thrown through the windows and arson. Before any engagement, windows should be covered with plywood to protect against projectiles. Additionally, all teams should have fire extinguishers ready to combat any fires.

The Alamo:

- Although enemy penetration into the Church is unlikely, we must not doubt their resolve to completely desecrate the Church and seize it as territory for the Autonomous Zone.

- If the enemy successfully maneuvers through the barricades and enters the Church, the final defensive position must be the Sanctuary to defend the relics and consecrated Holy Eucharist.

- Unless there remains an avenue to successfully exfiltrate with the relics and consecrated Holy Eucharist, the sanctuary is the final position.

Prayer for Peace and Victory

Almighty God, we beseech Thee, that it will never come to armed conflict. Give our political, social, and ecclesiastical leaders the grace and strength to settle the tension and put an end to the destructive violence in the United States. But, if we must defend our lives, homes, and Churches, give our Catholic men the strength to exemplify your victorious zeal in battle and make this unholy enemy Thy footstool.

In Christ Crucified and the Most Victorious Heart of Jesus.

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