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Mass Conversions - Episode #2

Fr. Anthony Pillari (Mass Conversions)

Welcome to our series on Mass Conversions!

This is our second video where we interview Priests, Religious, and Faithful Laity on the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.

We asked 5 different questions:

1) What is the Traditional Latin Mass?

2) Why are so many young people coming to the Traditional Latin Mass?

3) How would you encourage the right welcoming spirit to those that are now coming in and turning to the Holy Traditional Mass?

4) What would you teach another about the Traditional Latin Mass?

5) What would you say is the major differences between Traditional Latin Mass and the Novus Ordo (the new order of the Mass)?

These questions help us to understand the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and enter more into its endless Mysteries!

The Cure de Ars said: "If we truly understood the Mass we would die of joy!"

Through these interviews we can see what has been lost in our understanding of the True Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and how far Catholics have fallen in our understanding. Many Catholics today have not been taught the true meaning of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.

A mist our current chaos, now is a time for Mass conversions! What do we mean by a time for Mass Conversions?

The first meaning is of a literal sense. All faithful Catholics should have a great desire and zeal for the salvation of souls and want MASSive amounts of conversions to the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church.

During our current crisis within the Church, it is not a time of despair and giving up, but a time to turn back with even more love and devotion to that which has saved and sanctified Catholics. And thus, in a second way, it can also be understood as “Mass Conversions” that is, a turning back to the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass ~ Christ's one perfect redemptive Sacrifice on the Cross!!!

The Mass is the Heart of the Faith!

We need to turn back to it in order to produce saints. Stay tuned to these series on Mass Conversions in which will walk through with the Saints, Doctors, the Sacred Teachings and Doctrines of the Holy Mother Church, looking at how they LEARNED the Holy Mass, why they LOVED the Holy Mass, and how they LIVED the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass! These series on the wonders of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass will ultimately draw us to the Truth and Mystery of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.

Turning back (conversion) to the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass is the salvation to the current crisis of today! Let us start the MASS conversions!!!

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God bless! Ave Maria!

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