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Ecce Bona Soror ~ Behold the Good Sister, reflection poem

Quid est Soror? What is a Sister?

The world today doesn't know what to think or say,

When they see a sister in habit focused to pray.

The meaning of what a sister is has been lost,

Oh but the world needs them and it is worth every cost!

When the world is distracted and busy

Nuns are focused on God mightily,

When the world lacks ardent praying, nuns are taking up the slack praying around the clock silently.

When acts of faith, hope and love are absent, nuns are lovingly giving God his right due.

When Graces needed to be asked and earned,

Nuns are begging and imploring for more than a few.

When the world seems very dull, evil, selfish, a human race living lifelessly,

Nuns are remind us what life is about and how we must live in grace joyfully!

Truly today, we can see and say of the human society,

That we are in a great grace draught and have lost all propriety.

That is why the world greatly needs nuns!

For truly on their good prayers, the world runs!

Their daily contact with the God Divine,

Gives them access to the biggest resource of all time!

The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, daily brings them to the foot of the Cross,

To beg and pray that no souls may be lost!

They have at their opulence a Great Treasure of Grace,

To use and share with all the fallen human race.

To the Heart of God they make reparation,

Offering Christ Himself as the Perfect Oblation.

At Fire's very Source they warm the cold and frozen world,

And brandish a shield to stop the evil always hurled.

Yes, it is their prayer that is the highest form of work that can be done,

Even more work than building a mighty ship to carry many a ton.

They give up worldly goods & sacrifice their life,

To become holy and help many obtain eternal life!

They contemplate the Great Heart,

And there get closer to the best part.

Ut Maria, to be made like Christ pure,

Et cum Maria, all things endure.

They are to be an example of the life of virtue,

Proving it is not impossible for you too!

Poverty, Chastity and Obedience to live,

Faith, Hope and Love to give.

Being pleasing and endearing to God's Heart,

Loving Him and asking in confidence Graces to impart.

God in part listens to the prayers of good humble religious souls,

And thus by prayer they win souls which is the highest of all goals!

With the weapon of the Holy Rosary in hand,

They are off to save the world and each man!

And now the people down in the valley,

Can see that the sisters on the mountain don't dillydally!

Ora et labORA, pray, work-n-pray,

That is what they do all day!

Ecce Bona Soror!


with prayers in the Immaculata,

Alexandra Cecilia Beverly Clark

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