The Mass of the Holy Catholic Church

Saint Wenceslas and Saint Ludmila during the Mass (Frantisek Tkadlik) Dear Reader from a Priest: Someone brought up that in the Canon of the Mass again there are the words: Hold acceptable and bless + these gifts, these + offerings, these + holy and unspotted oblations which, in the first place, we offer Thee for Thy Holy Catholic Church. And that these words must refer to the bread and wine that the priest is making the Sign of the Cross over. One should be commended for observing and reading the words the priest says. It was not until the last century that missals allowing the faithful to follow the Mass were universally available in the common language. It was providential because whe

Miracle of the Christ Child in the Holy Sacrifice: Joy of the Mass!

Infant of Prague (Pinterest) The great grandeur and mystery of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass is one which we can never truly understand but one which when we do look, if we truly understood, we would die of joy! St. Gertrude would pray this beautiful pray before assisting at the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass: “O sweet Jesus, the work which Thou art about to accomplish is so sublime that one so lowly and abject as I am may not dare to look upon it. I will therefore take refuge in the abyss of my own nothingness and will there await my share of the salvation which this Mystery is about to bring to all Thy elect. Would to God, O sweet Jesus, that I could cooperate in this glorious work! How gladl

The Clouds Hang Thick o’er Israel's Camp

Our Lady, the Holy Rosary, and the Battle of Lepanto (Pinterest) Holy Rosary Hymn of Victory over sin and unbelief. A forgotten hymn in honor of the victory and power of the Holy Rosary as Pope St. Pius V urged all Catholics to pray to defeat the Muslims' dark array at the Battle of Lepanto: The clouds hang thick o'er Israel's camp As dawns the battle day, Arise ! bright star of Dominic, And chase the gloom away : And where the foemen fiercest press Thy radiance let us see ; Shine o'er the banners of thy sons, And lead to victory. The weapon which our father gave Each hand shall fearless wield : Who bear our Lady's Rosary Need neith sword nor shield : With dauntless faith the ranks they face

St. Robert Bellarmine, BpCD - May 13th

St. Robert Bellarmine (1 Faith 1 Hope 1 Love) "O God, Who didst adorn blessed Robert Thy Bishop and Doctor with wondrous learning and virtue that he might lay bare the snares of error and maintain the rights of the Apostolic See, grant by his merits and intercession that we may grow in love of the truth, and that the hearts of the wayward may return to the unity of Thy Church. Through our Lord." - Roman Catholic Daily Missal, 1962 (Also, "Bellarmino"). A distinguished Jesuit theologian, writer, and cardinal, born at Montepulciano, 4 October, 1542; died 17 September, 1621. His father was Vincenzo Bellarmino, his mother Cinthia Cervini, sister of Cardinal Marcello Cervini, afterwards Pope Marc

Be Joyful for we have the Holy Creed, Joy in the Truth!

G.K. Chesteron (Brandon Vogt) It is This Supernatural Joy That Gives Meaning and Light to Life. During this time of great chaos and sorrow, uncertainty and unclarity, let us not forget the source of our joy and that if we are humorous we are not laughing away reality but entering into it more deeply by seeing the point. Joy gives meaning to life, for “despair is this, that it does not really believe that there is any meaning in the universe.”[1] Thus, Christianity has joy because it has meaning. Meaning that is clear and defined in its dogmas, Traditions and Creeds and from this we enter into a real sense of reality, and humor sees the point! For Christ said: “If you keep my commandments

Pope St. Pius V, C - May 5th

Pope St. Pius V (Angelus News) "O God, Who for the overthrow of the enemies of Thy Church and for the restoration of divine worship didst vouchsafe to choose blessed Pius as supreme Pontiff: grant that we may be defended by his patronage and so cleave to Thy service, that overcoming all the wiles of our enemies, we may rejoice in perpetual peace. Through our Lord." - Roman Catholic Daily Missal, 1962 Born at Bosco, near Alexandria, Lombardy, 17 Jan., 1504 elected 7 Jan., 1566; died 1 May, 1572. Being of a poor though noble family his lot would have been to follow a trade, but he was taken in by the Dominicans of Voghera, where he received a good education and was trained in the way of solid

Commemoration of Sts. Alexander and Companions, Pope & Martyrs - May 3rd

Fresco of Pope St. Alexander I (Wikipedia) "O God, Who dost permit us to celebrate the heavenly birthday of Thy holy Martrys Alexander and Companions: grant that we may rejoice in their fellowship in everlasting bliss. Through our Lord." - Roman Catholic Daily Missal, 1962 St. Irenaeus of Lyons, writing in the latter quarter of the second century, reckons him as the fifth pope in succession from the Apostles, though he says nothing of his martyrdom. His pontificate is variously dated by critics, e.g. 106-115 (Duchesne) or 109-116 (Lightfoot). In Christian antiquity he was credited with a pontificate of about ten years (Eusebius, Church History IV.1) and there is no reason to doubt that he wa

Defend the Domestic Church

Confirmation (Traditional Catholic Priest) With May 1st being the Feast of St. Joseph the Worker, spouse of the Blessed Virgin Mary, confessor, and foster father of our Lord, it is fitting that we discuss the duty of Catholic families to attempt to resemble the virtues of the Holy Family. In particular, we must look at the responsibilities of a Catholic father. The purpose and mission of the Sacred Military Order of Knights of the Republic and the Most Victorious Heart of Jesus is to "defeat modernism, the synthesis of all heresies, and rebuild Christendom by defending the Faith, Holy Mother Church, the faithful, and reinforcing Christian virtue in the Republic." Such a task, by the grace of

Prayers for St. Joseph, May 1st: Human remedies are insufficient, it is time to beg for Divine power

The Holy Family with Angels (The Federalist) Introduction by Justin Haggerty, The Daily Knight Feast of St. Joseph the Worker, Spouse of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Confessor - May 1st Work, imposed on a man as a penalty, is transformed into a blessing through his communion with the life and work and death of Jesus Christ, a communion effected by the active part he takes in the Sacrifice and Communion of the Mass---with St. Joseph as model and patron. This feast was instituted by Pope Pius XII in 1956. Collect O God, Creator of all things, Who didst lay on the human race the law of labor: graciously grant that by following the example of Saint Joseph and under his patronage, we may carry out th

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Defend the Faith, Holy Mother Church, the faithful, and reinforce Christian virtue in the Republic.

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