Major Win for California's Right-to-Life

The spin all over the news right now is hilarious: “Supreme Court rules against crisis pregnancy center law"; "Supports Anti-Abortion pregnancy centers”; “Blow to California’s free-choice” in favor of “faith-based pregnancy centers” which are often “not certified”. Okay, okay… what that means is: The Supreme Court ruled on Tuesday that California's pregnancy resource centers do not have to post notices or talk to patients about abortion “options”. In the 5-4 decision, the conservative majority said the previous law which required such communication violates free speech rights. It also, quite obviously, goes against the very nature of pro-life pregnancy resource centers. The Supreme Court opi

Crisis in the Church - Roots and Remedies

Message of Bishop Bernard Fellay, Superior General of the Society of St. Pius X, on the occasion of the conference on “The Roots of the Crisis in the Church,” Rome June 23, 2018. This conference should prove most useful, for today it is imperative to trace the roots of the crisis in the Church. On the occasion of the publication last September of the Correctio filialis which I myself signed, I expressed the desire that “the debate concerning important questions be broadened, in order to reaffirm truths and condemn errors” (FSSPX.News 09/26/2017). Thus I whole-heartedly support the goal you have here set: “Rejecting these errors and returning, please God, to Catholic truth full and lived is t

How Adoration can rescue the Church

The call to adore the Lord is an antidote to the noise of the world and the Church's most powerful weapon There has been in recent times a discernible increase in those drawn to Eucharistic adoration in parishes and communities, and particularly among young people. Adoration stands as an antidote to the noise and busyness of our world. As we hear from the account of Elijah at Horeb, the Lord was not in the mighty wind, fire or earthquakes but in “the gentle breeze” (1 Kings 19: 9a, 11-16). After encountering that “gentle breeze”, Elijah covered his face with his cloak and stood at the entrance of the cave. “The gentle breeze” might be the Lord calling us from the Blessed Sacrament, and the c

Pro-Life Prisoner of Conscience Speaks Out

Will Goodman: 'The real danger to society is found in the unchecked violence against innocent human beings' Will Goodman and Dr. Monica Miller were arrested for peacefully praying outside a Michigan abortion mill on June 1. They were sentenced by Judge Marc Barron to 45 days in jail, and are currently serving out their term at Oakland County Jail in Pontiac. Goodman sent this letter to Church Militant requesting that it be published. ******* My name is Will Goodman, and I am a prisoner of conscience at the Oakland County Jail, serving a 45-day sentence for nonviolent direct action to protect innocent lives at an abortion facility, and for civil disobedience in response to my probation, which

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